For enterprises, office efficiency and cost are the most critical of the two factors, the value of network collaboration office has been apparent. With the accelerated pace of enterprise information construction, as a convenient and effective way of communication and communication, enterprise network communication tools have been targeted in the daily operation and production of enterprises. “Video conferencing system”, as the introduction of the “fashionable” communications products, to human nature, convenience, low cost, high efficiency, paperless, as all units of internal and external communication office tool.

Video conferencing system has a strong audio and video processing capabilities, support for H.264 and other audio and video protocols, and now on the market most of the mainstream terminals can be a perfect connection, the user can according to their actual situation to select the appropriate audio and video protocol. Video conferencing system terminal using the industry’s advanced H.264 codec, support H.263 / 4GIF high-quality video image display, at the same time, the user can adjust the actual bandwidth according to their own video clarity, and the system has a wealth of features, including Camera remote control, multi-group conference concurrent, create private chat group, screen sharing, collaborative browsing, large-capacity video conferencing systems, users can choose according to their own needs for the module to build a complete video conferencing system platform. Data conferencing application tools such as electronic whiteboard, data sharing, instant messaging, streaming media sharing, upload PPT, EXCEL, PDF, WORD and other format documents, users can use their own different needs.

ezTalks video conferencing system is through the network to achieve real-time audio, video and other multimedia, to support people from the remote real-time information exchange, to carry out collaborative video conferencing system software application system. Video conferencing system real-time transmission of audio and video information, so that collaboration members can be long-distance intuitive, real audio and video frequency communication, to achieve the same time, on the other hand, the use of multimedia video conferencing system technology support, video conferencing system can help The work of a variety of information processing, such as video conferencing system data sharing, document labeling, etc., to construct a multi-person sharing of video conferencing system work space.

We all know that in recent years, green environmental protection has been the importance of everyone to protect our home is also a common goal, paperless office is one of the green and effective way, this way the office will be more attention and Attention. In addition, due to the urgent needs of climate, the environment, I believe that everyone’s thinking will be further improved, paperless office is also a trend of the future pop.

Green is not casually talk about it, nor is it overnight, corporate office paperless office has been widely recognized by the community, at present, ezTalks video conferencing system has been successful to help thousands of enterprises to complete the green office plan.