Advancements in interactive video technology make every facet of existence a great deal simpler. Today, companies conduct transactions online, including having to pay bills, signing documents, recruitment, training as well as holding conferences. There are lots of online meeting software on the market. However, you have to be careful concerning the software you decide to use within your company activities, conferences incorporated.

Part 1. What’s WebEx?

WebEx has developed in the market for some time now. Among its advantages is always that the program is efficient when you’re not in a rush. Additionally, it enables multiple users at any given time. However, the fact is that the disadvantages of WebEx over-shadow the benefits. To begin with, it’s slow. You’ll watch for minutes prior to the software loads. It’s also user-unfriendly.

Navigating its menus and instructions is difficult. The look is poor with portals all around the screen, that is tiring to check out. If you opt to use WebEx, anticipate to download it almost any time you wish to have a gathering. It’s super frustrating. For this reason other software came to be to replace WebEx. You will find 8 options to WebEx, including ezTalks Cloud Meeting, AnyMeeting, Google Hangouts,, GoToWebinar, Skype for Business, VSee and Meeting Burner.

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Part 2. WebEx Alternatives

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is probably the top 8 options to WebEx for any reason. It’s efficient and effective interactive video software, because it is fast, has comprehensive menus and supports a great number of participants, with respect to the level you select. Using its free plan, you are able to host as much as 100-participant online conferences. Using its pro plan, you are able to host as much as 500-participant online conferences, while using its enterprise plan, you are able to host as much as 10,000-participant online conferences.

Its key features include:

· Enables to sign into together with your Facebook or Google accounts.

· A builtin shared white board tool for efficiency.

· Join or host online conferences whenever.

· Private talks and group talks could be held among users throughout the meeting.

· Control of the meeting, including figuring out who talks so when, muting or unmuting participants.

· Participants receive meeting notifications through emails.

· Developing a address book to create communication simpler.

· HD video and HD audio.

· Make adjustments on volume and video quality (resolution).

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2. AnyMeeting

This reliable option to WebEx can help you in your business. It’s cost friendly, performs well and has a 2-week free trial offer to savor. It’s certainly appropriate for small organizations.

Its key features include:

· Supports 30-2000people in a go.

· It’s an ad-based application.

· Screen discussing is permitted.

· Conferences are instantly recorded.

· You can easily use.

· Ideal for Internet training, marketing, along with other video communication functionalities.

· Handle one-on-one and group communication.

· Allow demos and slides.

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3. Google Hangouts

Bing is a famous brand around the globe. It features a handy interactive video services using its Google Hangout. It’s a free WebEx alternative for conversations in small groups and conferences too.

Its key features include:

· Auto syncing your phone contacts in order to save time on creating contact lists.

· Suitable for messaging, voice and video calls, as well as conferences.

· Chat with as many as 150 users but hold conferences with 30 people.

· Supported on Android, iOS, and also the web.

· Google interactive video call enables no more than 10 callers in a go.

· Join online conferences when it is appropriate.

· Beginning a gathering is just a look away. Just follow the link.

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This is an additional one among the list of options to WebEx. It’s fast and simple to make use of. You need to simply download the program once, and join it. It enables one-on-one and group communication.

Its key features include:

· Screen discussing is free of charge.

· Great audio quality.

· Amazing interactive video experience.

· Your data is protected with

· Mobile me is available.

· Users can zoom the shared screen.

· Interactive video enables 10 people only.

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5. GoToWebinar

Online communication will get even simpler with this particular WebEx alternative, GoToWebinar. It arrives with single-month free trial offer. It takes a download before use. This time around is sufficient to allow you to decide whether Web seminar meets your needs or otherwise.

Its key features include:

· Functional on phones and also the web.

· Schedule and host conferences.

· Conferences or conversations could be recorded for future reference.

· Allow file discussing: audio, video, still images or text.

· It’s readily available, because of its simple to follow menus.

· Join conferences by tapping a hyperlink sent through email.

· Support online presentations.

· Screen discussing can be done.

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6. Skype for Business

Skype is perfect for everybody. However, you’ve got a second item known as Skype for Business. It isn’t a WebEx alternative free of charge. It is made for companies’ online conferences. Aside from its affordable monthly plan, there are lots of items to like about Skype for Business.

Its key features include:

· Suitable for Office 365.

· Supports messaging and screen discussing too.

· Enables a gathering of 250 people for the most part.

· User doesn’t have to become subscribers to make use of Skype.

· User’s statuses are visible when online.

· Skype is among the free options to WebEx however the option only lets 25 people utilize it.

· Conferences are recordable.

· Join meeting by visiting a link.

· Screen discussing.

· White board use, take polls, inquire and send messages.

· Functional on several devices: Android, iPad, Mac and iPhone.

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7. VSee

If you’re searching for any simple, secure and simple to use free alternative for WebEx, VSee should capture your imagination. It arrives with numerous wonderful features that make you satisfied.

Its key features include:

· Offers free interactive video services .

· Quick screen discussing.

· High-quality video.

· Great for 3G web connection and greater.

· Appropriate for that remotest places on the planet.

· Details are encrypted for privacy and confidentiality.

· IM enabled.

· Creates Pc and a mac along with other devices for example Android and iPhones.

· File discussing can be done.

· Support free group interactive video.

· Low bandwidth will save on data.

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8. Meeting Burner

This different to WebEx has a variety of 2-1000people, thus it is crucial for big and small businesses. It arrives with three choices to subscribe: Free Plan, Pro Plan, and Premium Plan.

Its key features include:

· Free Meetingburner has room for 10 people, Pro 50 and Premium 250.

· Screen discussing is excellent.

· Mac, PC and smartphone are all set using the application.

· Fast and easy to put together.

· Encourages participation of people as presenters change if needed.

· Integrate with email reminders.

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Online conferences are affordable, time-saving so that as interactive as physical conferences. The discussed WebEx alternatives will allow you with an online meeting experience a person can have. There’s there is no need of utilizing slower, less capable WebEx if you have other eight software that can help you save the frustration. Better software boosts worker productivity, working together and saves sources. Acutely consider the eight software and choose which meets your needs. If you’re not sure, use them with free trials. Then, you’re going to get the things that work for the companies.