The main component that has led to the prosperity of this exceptional tool is always that interactive whiteboard boosts the participation and collaboration of students within the classroom. The press content on these interactive whiteboard effectively catches the interest of students making lectures much more intriguing and engrossing. The interactive white board is definitely an economical choice in comparison with the investments needed to have an IT classroom which is frequently more efficient because it results in a favorable atmosphere for each student within the classroom.

Since the interactive white board is really a relatively recent device to regular classrooms, many educational facilities are skeptical about integrating this product to their system. A possible buyer must browse the benefits and drawbacks of interactive whiteboard before really purchasing them as it can help him to consider the various pros and cons for the merchandise.

Pros of Interactive Whiteboard

Touchscreen: Among the primary beneficial features of interactive white board is always that it equips a touchscreen and enables users to change the information within the screen using their fingers. Adding this selection makes its use much easier and more efficient. The touchscreen also helps make the courses of instruction for kids more entertaining for they are involved to much better extent. The teacher could also move the data around easily and slowly thanks to the touchscreen feature of the interactive whiteboard.

Online Help: The interactive white board enables you to get access to the internet with the device. Thus the teachers may take assistance of any software that’s available online. Using interactive white board also enables teachers to experience videos from the web when they have to.

Imaging: Our prime quality imaging the interactive whiteboard providing result in the classes much more entertaining and informative. The participation of students as well as the collaboration of their side increases which boosts the caliber of the category.

Smart Tools: Several interactive whiteboard collaboration tools are provided toward the instructors making their job much simpler. A few of these smart tools are the magnifier,spotlight, pointer, screen capture etc.

Cons of Interactive Whiteboard

Cost: Though buying an interactive white board is nominal in comparison to the investment needed for the classrooms or supplying laptops to every student, there are lots of schools that are unable to afford it. These schools thus lag behind other schools which are outfitted with modern devices. But when a college has to select between an interactive white board along with other essential needs, they ought to choose what they really need.

Insufficient Technical Ability: Old teachers are not accommodate to today’s technology and of course the interactive white board is not an exception, so they can not discover the benefits of interactive whiteboard in classroom. Some teachers find the device complex while some complain that they need to alter their teaching style because of it. Schools can’t afford to purchase devices that are unable to exert their full potential and also the interactive white board frequently falls on the wrong side from the argument.

Teacher Training: Whenever a school or any educational institution invests a modern device like the interactive white board, it must make certain that the full potential should be taken good use of. The college must invest in training their teachers with money and time for implementing the unit correctly. Besides, when the teacher want to use the unit, he ought to productively integrate it into his teaching style. This involves a lot of effort and time so that a school should think about such factors before investing in the device.


The interactive white board is definitely a very effective tool in the area of education. It enhances the expertise of a student and the teacher by integrating various tools and enabling the teacher together. Though one cannot deny the device of its own flaws, however, it certainly pales out in the sunshine of their pros and cons when using interactive white board software.