With the introduction of technology, interactive whiteboards happen to be digitalized since many other tools we use and introduced to existence as virtual platforms with plenty of advantages. However, it’s never a simple factor for white board new users to locate a reliable white board tool with effective features thinking about there’re a lot of on the internet for your selection. To assist you, I’d compare 5 popular ones below.

◆ Scribblar.com

It has changed so much from its predecessor and added a number of new tools in the new edition, including drawing, editing, chatting, voice communicating and social networking integration with saved image for installing.


Although Scribblar offers both free and compensated version, the disposable one frequently lags using its features and doesn’t show you how it operates. Additionally, it supports saving and discussing files

◆ ImaginationCubed.com

Probably the most striking feature of the tool is its user-friendly interface. The “Replay” function enables you to definitely rapidly replay everything done to produce a drawing or perhaps an integrated group of stamps that are legendary representation of figures.


Impressive as ImaginationCubed is, it’s stated the developers required it lower offline this year. Additionally, even though it allows you to create interactive white board for effective information presentation, it does not have all needed revolutionary tools.

◆ Scriblink.com

The only real disadvantage of Scriblink.com is the possible lack of interaction between your students inside the interactive white board. The remainder functions are as competitive as other online white board tools’ that may run easily online. However, a platform without correct interaction is condemned to the inability to gain wide recognition.


◆ Dabbleboard.com

Dabbleboard would request you to select a appropriate compensated plan to begin with varying from $8 per month to $200 monthly for 100 users. The internet white board application can also be impressive and supports video and library functions, which enables you to definitely save drawing and guarantees interaction between students.


◆ ezTalks.com

The final but certainly and not the least is ezTalks, a comparatively new platform that steps in front of its competitors. It’s so comprehensive that does not only supports freely screen discussing easily and effectively but includes toll-free Voice over internet protocol for each user too. In addition to this, the built-in white board of ezTalks even functions identical to the white board might be nowadays, supporting essentially from annotations and concepts to sketches and sketches.


Within the finish, we are able to certainly state that ezTalks is easily the most solid and efficient tool around the marketplace. The mobile aspect simply makes this online interactive white board platform up-to-date with everything else happening. Well suited for conferences, trainings, webinars and workshops, ezTalks has revolutionized the way you use interactive whiteboards in the school aspect making it surprisingly better online!

Note: Go to ezTalks Download Center to obtain the right version for Android and iOS cellular devices.