Worth 3.31 billion dollars, the recording conferencing market is lucrative yet competitive. This will depend on technology by the feel of things technology is only going to improve in in the future. For this reason it’s forecasted that by 2020, the is definitely worth 6.4 billion dollars, almost double the amount current valuation.

cloud interactive video services

Be that as it might, you will find genuine concerns concerning the availability and price of equipments utilized in interactive video services. To be able to remain competitive and provide customers acceptable services, most providers in the market have now use cloud-based technology. In the following paragraphs, we’d examine and compare the top five cloud-based interactive video providers in the market.

★ ezTalks

This can be a comprehensive interactive video solution that does not only enables users to construct their very own interactive video platforms but additionally has a software solution, stable MCU and peripherals for example webcam and microphone. The facilities support remote communication and thru personalization, are put specific small business for example enterprise interactive video, online web seminar, education, interview, sales or training, remote customer support and treatment amongst others.


Its effective features include HD video abilities, existence of a white board, seamless audio, meeting recording, file discussing, screen discussing along with other options. It’s also flexible and scalable to satisfy certain demands of users. For example, it may be built on the private server and network to boost security. Furthermore, it’s so mobile friendly that’s fully suitable for Android and iOS devices. The maker also provides dedicated account management and support services.

★ Skype

Skype is unquestionably among the earliest cloud video conference providers. Because of its easy integration online and also the simple details it accepts non-Skype calls, it’s broadly recognized all over the world. Its major features could be categorized to calling, video messaging, screen discussing, call forwarding features and much more.


★ Adobe Connect

This cloud-based interactive video service are operating in platforms which have either Flash iOS or Android abilities. It functions by categorizing users as hosts, presenters or participants. A number controls the meeting and selects a presenter in the listing of participants. A presenter is essentially an individual who is speaking or showing slides at any time. To sum it up, it arrives with peripherals for example webcams and microphones for chatting, taking polls, uploading and discussing files.

adobe connect

The greatest strength of Adobe Connect is it performs consistently across platforms (for example Macs or Home windows Computers). However, the services are vulnerable to the constraints of flash-based applications-can’t integrate on selected browsers (i.e. Chrome).

★ Citrix GoToMeeting

This cloud-based conferencing service is made for professionals. Actually, its cheapest rated package supports no less than 25 participants. It’s multiple programs that organize all of their components (like the control panels and videos of participants) by itself window. What this means is the package includes many floating home windows-one detached window for webcam and video, one for that user interface and the other for icons that provide common functions like white board.


GoToMeeting also offers some impressive features. For instance, it’s flexible enough to aid Home windows, Mac OS X, android and ios devices. This ability gives room for dial-in support for just voice chats and therefore individuals with mobile phones only may also be integrated. Additionally, it has screen discussing abilities and HD Faces. However the limitation to meeting recording abilities is its major disadvantage.

★ Zoom

Zoom’s recognition is enhanced by its Free Plan that supports as much as 50 participants for limited sessions of 40 minutes. Additionally, it offers compensated plans that fluctuate in specifications. Generally, it’s featured in voice recognition, HD video, HD audio, dual stream for dual screens, full screen in addition to gallery views.


Speaking of the very most outstanding features are being able to integrate with Mac, Home windows, android and ios devices, group messaging services, dedicated iPhone and iPad screen share, meeting recording and white board.

The above mentioned are 5 best cloud based interactive video services on the internet. Can’t choose which someone to choose? Just join ezTalks within the window below and begin your supreme interactive video experience.