Drowsy and distracted, employees hanging out a celebration room no matter manager’s passionate online marketing strategy for that coming month (begin to see the picture below). Ironically, the standard meeting accustomed to brainstorm or overcome challenges must have end up being the top killer that reduces work efficiency at work.

over sleeping meeting

Therefore, here comes the age of interactive video! It enhances attendees’ feeling of participation by evolving the standard one-to-many conference mode to 1-to-one, making meeting a lot more productive. Within the following, I’d prefer to list 5 helpful tips that you should conduct effective conferences.

Tip 1: Choose Reliable Interactive Video Software

To begin with, you have to get all-round software which makes online meeting available, stable plus top quality. ezTalks is simply a well-received one according to best interactive video software. It provides a supreme interactive video knowledge about HD video and seamless audio guaranteeing clearer facial expression and eye-to-eye contact communication, which focuses everyone’s attention around the conference itself.

interactive video software

Tip 2: Inform Attendees of the Approaching Meeting ahead of time

Keep in mind that never inform a gathering at short notice unless of course it’s urgent. Unpredicted conferences would disrupt productivity and lower work efficiency as employees usually plan the work they do in advance. Hence, schedule online meeting and send email invitation with meeting subject ahead of time is essential because it leaves the required time for attendees to create full preparation. Namely, your meeting could be more productive.

Tip 3: Share Files Online for Effective Discussion

Share relevant meeting material on the internet and ask attendees to see together instead of individually. Very frequently, attendees get distracted from thinking more than a written proposal. By comparison, discussing and annotating the fabric while viewing it together on screen is an ideal way get noticed.

share files online

Tip 4: Record Online Meeting in Audio and video

Set interactive video software to instantly record online meeting. Since you may have observed, there has to be one using the minutes in traditional conferences for future review. Though it’s pardonable to overlook some point or more, inaccurately conveying information to absentees may lead to huge mistakes. Then recording online meeting from starting to finish would be certain that you will be knowledgeable of all things! For your information, ezTalks records online meeting in audio and video automatically.

Tip 5: Utilize White board to Jot lower Ideas

Make the most of white board to attract out or jot lower ideas concisely. As Tip 2 highlights, attendees who’re fully prepared would develop ideas when the online meeting starts. You just need to rapidly record their ideas without interrupting them and white board will help you well with this particularly in fierce brainstorm.

white board for brainstorming

Obviously, above-pointed out 5 tips are not even close to enough to create your conferences attractive and productive. To learn more, please click Strategies for Better Online Conferences.