ezTalks: video conferencing in the sub-industry will play a great value

In the video conferencing industry, the application of refinement has become another breakthrough in the technical bottleneck after the innovation model, with the video conference in the education and training industry mature application, distance education has become an important model.

At the same time in the medical, service and other related industries also use the hot, let it further warming, video conferencing and really began in the specific industry applications to play its due value.

Video conference core technology breakthroughs and the emergence of product homogeneity phenomenon, from the quality of competition has gradually entered the content of the application of innovative applications up, although the application areas similar to the application of innovation also bottlenecks.

[Video conferencing software] With the deepening of the application of deepening, according to different user needs personalized service has been gradually strengthened, this difference and can not be copied gradually reflected, more conducive to the enterprise in the software content level of creativity Play, highlight their own core strengths, and according to the actual business to provide a reasonable solution.

Subdivision of the application will be an important area of ​​the development of follow-up video conferencing systems, but also the development of content and technology to a certain extent inevitable trend.

Segmentation of the depth to provide a large extent the entire video conferencing industry innovation threshold, not only need to break through the technical barriers, but also the need for excellent content innovation and professional transformation of the strength of the industry application needs to have a clear understanding And understand the needs, even in the case of user needs is not clear, still able to provide the best solution to its construction. 【Video Conference Terminal