[Video conference] as an important means of modern multimedia communications, video system will be set to audio, video, pictures, documents and other multiple features and integration, with traditional communication can not match the multi-party advantage.

The purpose of enterprise applications is also gradually from the pursuit of fashion on the conference room effect to improve the efficiency of the meeting and the use of convenient direction change, more attention is still the video conference system economy and practical, compared to the traditional mobile phone, QQ and later Of the YY, the added value of the performance is also more prominent, then compared to other simple means of communication video conferencing, what are the advantages?

Compared to the mobile phone video will have the audio and video effects are incomparable, the phone can only be a simple voice message transmission, between the two communication, do not see the corresponding environment, and video conferencing this face to face information transmission The way is not only more efficient, but also more people at the same time to communicate, to avoid multiple communication in the information exchange is not sufficient, but also direct two-way guidance. 【Video Conferencing Software】

Compared to voice YY, this approach can solve the problem of communication, but also have the basic document sharing and presentation capabilities, but you think and suitable for business use? Is it comparable to video conferencing? When you are in the team start-up stage, the internal simple exchange, you can use, when you are in the official office business communication, this way you can not say that way out.

And then look at the more popular micro-video and QQ video, it has the basic functions of video conferencing, you can more people online communication, but in the picture clarity and stability, there are many gaps, especially in the stable sharing and more Function on the application, or blank.

So the video conferencing is relatively traditional communication is not only in the use of a great change in the way, but also in the practicality of the great demand driven, and as a high value-added are also in a practical which performed. 【Video Conference Terminal】