What is a video conferencing system?

Video conferencing system: video conferencing hardware and software are two, software video conferencing equipment configuration is very simple, only need a network, headset, camera, computer can, and hardware video conferencing equipment configuration requires video conferencing host MCU, video conferencing terminal, Camera, remote control, omni-directional microphone, network, etc., according to the specific circumstances to configure. Based on software video and hardware video, users who are choosing software and hardware video conferencing need to combine their own characteristics to select the most appropriate video conferencing system. Video conferencing equipment needs to be configured according to different needs, under normal circumstances video conferencing equipment mainly includes the following aspects:
1, MCU, the equivalent of video conferencing server, the sub-venue through the MCU to achieve audio and video interoperability.
2, video conferencing terminals, including software terminals and hardware terminals;
3, microphone, camera, display device (projection, TV, TV wall), audio;
4, other equipment, including recording and broadcasting server, storage server, conference gateway and so on;
5, peripheral equipment, including power amplifier, audio, mixer, echo canceller, video matrix and so on.

Video terminal:
1. Conference room-level conference terminal: General conference room-level video conferencing equipment using a dedicated conference camera, display device can be achieved through a large-screen TV or projector.
2. Desktop conference terminal products: good view through the desktop conference terminal is a small integrated display and lens terminal or directly on the computer to install video conferencing client software terminal.
3.MCU (multipoint control unit): MCU is the “heart” of the entire conference system, it provides users with multi-conference, multi-group conference connection services. The MCU can be a separate device, or it can be integrated in a video conferencing terminal. If the number of meeting points is large, it is recommended to use a dedicated MCU device to ensure the quality of the meeting.
4. Conference room sound, video system. During the video conference, the most intuitive of the participants is through the conference room, the video system feels the performance and effect of the video conference. Conference room audio and video system selection needs to be based on the actual situation of the video conference room and tailored.