Computer video conferencing is the use of computer terminals for video conferencing, because the use of simple and convenient, no special configuration, as many employees choose to participate in the main video conferencing. Computer video conferencing for the computer’s request is not high, it can be said that no special requirements, for many of the past two years to buy the desktop, the basic need to add a special configuration can be used directly, just add a camera and headset , And for the notebook, that is more convenient, and only need to download the client can enter.

Use the computer side to participate in the meeting, direct download ezTalks video conferencing system client can, if it is initiated by the video conferencing, then long need to ezTalks technology official online registration account, the whole process does not need 2 minutes to open your meeting , To establish their own conference room, to inform participants to participate, if only to participate in the company or other people’s meetings, even the registration is not necessary, only need to provide the link provided by the client through the client to participate in the realization of the desktop face to face Of the meeting, not only fast and concise, but also provides a 7-day trial process, so there is no burden, the whole process is not only happy and easy without any complicated smooth, no technical barriers, and ezTalks technology also provides customer support, you And then use any of the problems can be timely to help.