ezTalks video conferencing as a light of remote health

Medical problems are the most concerned about the problem, the quality of medical treatment is also uneven affect the doctor is difficult to see you one of the important factors, how to break the uneven distribution of medical resources, medical care to share has become an important problem of reform. So that people in urban and rural areas and underdeveloped areas can enjoy high-end medical technology when needed, get the most accurate diagnosis, the best medical program has been an important goal of medical line. And now with the video conference into the medical industry, video conferencing will be on the medical industry in the quality of medical sharing and geographical distribution will have an important impact on the development of the medical industry to open a light.

Through the video conference for remote consultation, the experts can timely view the patient’s medical records, treatment process, the patient’s state, so that after a comprehensive analysis can discuss the most appropriate treatment, and sometimes because the patient’s condition is complex, may need different hospital experts Conduct the consultation, share the patient’s medical records, check the results, and the patient’s status, find the source of the disease, come to the best treatment. This will not only save the patient in different hospitals registered medical treatment costs, but also can not delay the optimal time of treatment. In the expert consultation, the use of video conferencing system can be real-time observation of the patient’s video images, experts at home can handle some emergency diagnosis, to facilitate the integration of resources in all aspects of the hospital to improve the handling of emergencies. The same video conferencing system can be used for the various departments of the hospital, to achieve internal video conferencing, remote expert consultation, daily training and random meetings to enhance the efficiency and save all aspects of resources.