With the “Internet +”, the rapid advance of cloud computing technology, the drawbacks of traditional video conferencing more and more obvious, video conferencing can only be carried out within the enterprise, external communication between the existence of a huge obstacle, and the exchange between the outside And communication and occupy an important part of the enterprise or unit, seriously affect the development of enterprises, but also lead to the use of video conferencing is not high use of the enthusiasm is also significantly reduced, only to meet the internal communication within the system is clearly not enough, at the same time, 4G era, the demand for mobile video conferencing is also increasingly clear, to break the barriers between the communication between enterprises to become an important business needs.

ezTalks technology as a video industry experts, witnessed the development of video conferencing hardware stage, but also witnessed the decline of the software video conferencing process, the reason why pure hardware and software video conferencing can not be accepted by all received their own constraints, hardware video The price of the meeting An Ang, not easy to use and popularize the general business, and the effect of the software meeting and can not hit the external communication requirements, so ezTalks technology combined with the advantages of hardware and software conferences, the use of hardware and software as one video and video conferencing system, Since the establishment of the energy, government, finance, education and many other industries to provide hardware and software as one of the video conferencing system project construction, get more business pro-seeking. Technology development is changing, ezTalks continue to carry out technological innovation, the use of cloud virtualization deployment, not only with the traditional conference interoperability, support the full media client, the file with the easy to operate, enterprises can choose a flexible rental, self-built and other Business model, but also allows business meeting room into the cloud, anytime, anywhere to open cross-system, cross-network, cross-device conference experience.