Multi-party video conference generally refers to the number of participants than the three parties, in general, multi-party conference has the following characteristics: 1, the number of participants, for the network and video conferencing server function requirements are relatively high. 2, the participants terminal equipment is not the same, it is difficult to uniform requirements for the high compatibility. 3, different geographical networks, the requirements for the network is better adaptability, especially for the North and South different network participants, the requirements of the performance of the more obvious. So multi-party video conferencing in addition to the enterprise equipment has a little demand, for the provision of technical support is also more prominent.

As the number of participants, for the current use of cloud video technology, the higher the requirements of the meeting provider, the cloud as the real video conference using cloud video technology, all the conference terminals are in the clouds, not only reduces the enterprise set up video conferencing Cost, and make full use of their own technological advantages, play the cloud server’s biggest advantage, according to the number of participants to change the number of changes in the server capacity to ensure that the number of business meetings can be smooth, and no maintenance, for the terminal compatibility But also to support mobile phones, tablet, computer, television and other terminals, and will not affect each other, for the network is to solve the problem of different regional network inequality, because the cloud server is stored in different regions, different regions Participants can choose the best server line to link, to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting.