Video terminal is an indispensable part of all video conferencing equipment, it is both the output part and the intake part, bear the entire conference audio and video acquisition and output, is the quality of the meeting the key factors, so the terminal is the enterprise choice Important parts, depending on the type of video conferencing selected, the terminal is not the same choice, but for the current mainstream configuration equipment, high-definition camera and high-quality microphone is an essential part of the video quality requirements also decided The display of the level, where we come to the system to see a few important parts of the terminal.

In general, the video conferencing system consists of image acquisition and output devices, sound collection and output devices, display devices and other important parts of the composition, we put aside the network for the impact of the meeting, high-quality image acquisition equipment we generally choose high-definition business camera , 1080P HD and large field of vision to become a choice of the standard, the more high-definition pixel input image quality is better, so that the other side of the image will be more realistic, the whole effect will be more real. Voice is the most critical part of the whole meeting, but also the key to the success of the whole meeting, if the poor quality of the participants can not hear the words, for the entire meeting is also a failure, so the sound collection and output is particularly critical Part of the cloud as true, for small meetings with 360-degree omni-directional wheat microphone, so you can speak from any angle to ensure a clear and accurate collection, and for large-scale meetings on the use of a dedicated omnidirectional wheat , So that the sound from different angles incoming and outgoing, to ensure the normal conduct of the entire meeting. Display equipment for the characteristics of the enterprise, the relative more flexible, you can use TV, one machine, computer and other terminals, according to the characteristics of enterprises and individuals to determine.