Multi-functional conference system is an integration of the conference system, it combines a variety of conference systems, such as: video conferencing systems, teleconferencing systems, digital conferencing systems, intelligent conferencing systems and other combinations.

Multi-functional conference system It is often applied to some large-scale conference occasions, such occasions often need a complete function, the configuration of the conference system equipment, which will inevitably lead to the complexity of the conference system, the operating steps will increase, in order to make Multi-function conference system has become very easy to operate, the usual practice of using a set of central control system for control and management. For some relatively small-scale conference systems, the central control system is often omitted to save costs.

Powerful, can increase the equipment according to the conference system function, it can integrate video conferencing, conference calls, intelligent meetings, paperless meetings and other system advantages, will not be affected by some factors that led to the meeting can not be held, if the video conferencing network failure Can immediately switch between conference calls or other meeting modes, greatly increasing conference reliability.

The cost of such a conference system is very high. It is not realistic for some small companies to form such a system. It is suitable for some large enterprises or some government, education and other organizations. It can choose different meetings according to the requirements of the meeting. When the meeting on the video requirements are not too high, you can fully use the conference call mode and sub-venue held; when the video requirements are high, select the high-definition video conferencing system; when the need for free remote conference can be used VOIP IP phone conference IP dial mode.

Multi – functional conferencing system

From a simple multi-function conference system using a projector, a curtain of the case, if the computer signal input path is all the way, just direct Ragan VGA cable and computer connection can be, the operation is very convenient. In the small conference system, there may be several road computer signals need to be used when the user switch between the signal, this time we will generally use the VGA signal to achieve the switch. One of the conference system is set up, according to the needs of the function may need to do the conference call system video conference backup, in each branch points were placed a conference phone, and then select the conference bridge or conference call platform mode. This will form two sets of conference systems. Can also set up a specific audio equipment with a microphone (priority microphone, wireless microphone), mixer, amplifier, the main equipment is coupled with hardware MCU, conference camera, LCD screen, hardware video conference terminal corresponding system, according to the different functions The integration of a variety of conference systems to achieve multi-functional conference system.