Enrich corporate culture ezTalks Onion makes bridge

Corporate culture is the most important part of the development of an enterprise. Although it can not be seen or disappeared, it can affect everyone in the enterprise at every moment, improve work efficiency and build a team spirit. All of us can see the shadow of culture. However, In the group company, due to various restrictions, especially geographical constraints, resulting in invisible barriers between headquarters and branches, resulting in the headquarters of the culture is very rich, very rich, and even very light between the branches or even Feeling less of this positive trend, more branch employees do not know the situation of headquarters staff, not to mention how collaboration has been enhanced. Now the use of videoconferencing will play a role as a bridge between rich corporate culture transmission , The headquarters of the culture directly to the various divisions, the divisions can also communicate with each other.

ezTalks Onion combines Internet and multimedia applications organically. With the new communication method of face-to-face video conference system, ezTalks Onion breaks the barriers between regions and real-time transmission of both audio and video images to realize the communication effect without geographical difference. With ezTalks Onion as a bridge, the transfer of corporate culture of course, a lot of rich and faster, especially in the annual company annual celebration, is to let every employee feel the most concentrated corporate culture, the most touching time, though Many branches of colleagues are very sorry can not be on the scene, but now the use of video conferencing systems on-site participation, all branches of the colleagues involved in lottery, speech, program performance and all other aspects will not fall, not only effectively feel the strong business Cultural heritage, but also more easily understand the company’s development concept.