Medical education is a relatively special industry. For some outsiders, he has some mystery that is not easy to understand. For the medical students, it is the best class to see the instructors’ on-site operations. However, due to the scarcity of teaching resources and the scarcity of application scenarios, many hands-on operation sites can not let more students see them. In most cases, students can only learn by using analogue or after-recording methods. However, this method is not only effective Not ideal but also easily lead to lack of awareness of students, which must be rigorous medical education is not allowed, then how to solve this problem?

At present, the method of live video is adopted in the box of the cloud house to effectively solve the teaching problem in major medical schools and to combine the on-site teaching with the unification of students. The first use of video conferencing systems in specialized classrooms to accept the live broadcast of the terminal, the box at the teaching side of the way docking, full HD multimedia audio and video real-time transmission, not only for students to see the actual operation of the scene teachers can actually This in-depth teaching explains the things that need attention. This clear teaching method not only impresses the students, but also guides the practice in the process of imitating the teacher. In this way, the students can intuitively understand View to the entire process of operation, while the number of students is also unlimited, allowing different grades and professions to involve students in the same course at the same time learning.