How to solve the difficult of opening meeting in different places

The difficult problems of holding meeting in different places have always been a long-term problem that plagues businesses and individuals. Especially in the face of an emergency meeting, making a rush of coping with emergency work becomes a norm and annoying, and Efficiency is relatively low. Nowadays, the creative way to adopt video conferencing will effectively solve the problem that troubles the enterprise for many years. It not only greatly improves the efficiency and speed of the conference, but also does not require special cost support and effectively reduces the cost of the conference.

So how effective video conference to solve the problem of meeting in different places? Since ezTalks launched video conferencing, ezTalks has solved the problem of remote locations with ezTalks. The ezTalks uses the video conferencing system to link local chains together. EzTalks is deployed locally and combined with boxes or accounts in different regions. Way, through a key to attend the conference function, regardless of whether the staff in different places, just use the mobile phone, tablet, or computer, television, etc. any one way to attend the meeting, and high-definition video transmission like face-to-face meeting Way and face to face the same way, of course, the effect is the same, more importantly, without having to rush to his hometown to attend a haste meeting, which greatly saves the business manpower and economic costs.