Middle and Small meeting room video conferencing equipment

Small and medium-sized conference rooms have gradually become the main target of enterprise construction as the corporate teams gradually think about the direction of streamlining. As the important venue for daily meetings and foreign receptions, conference rooms have a direct impact on daily meetings Efficiency and external image, especially now requires the use of simple and convenient requirements, the integration of all-in-one device into the first small and medium conference room for the object, not only to meet the growing demand for information technology, but also to In different requirements can be fully used under the use of ezTalks Onion such a multi-functional video conferencing equipment has become the main selection of all kinds of small and medium-sized meeting of the meeting.

Why ezTalks Onion will become the mainstay of small and medium conference room equipment? Just take a look here for its basic features you know. First of all, he is an intelligent multimedia device that not only supports audio, video and other basic conferencing, easily replace the traditional projector device features, but also supports remote conferencing mode, that is if you are not in the conference room Can easily attend the meeting. Second, he also supports multi-document format, from the meeting you do not have to open a meeting you can not open your file to worry about, but also supports on-site annotations, changes, etc., the document Fun easily, of course, everyone is always very High-resolution, thanks to the projector’s pixels, and each meeting also need to be adjusted several times, then use ezTalks Onion you will bid farewell to this mode, since set foot on the HD conference series.