The Internet era,how companies hold meetings?

The popularization and application of the Internet have changed our way of life and thinking and changed our working habits. Before the traditional meeting place and habits were gradually changed by new ways in the Internet age, especially in the construction of very large and large conference rooms And use, and was apparently slowed down, the size of the basic staff and the size of conferences and changed the scene of hundreds of people in the past, that requires a lot of service staff spend a lot of effort to organize a meeting of the way has gradually become history In the past, what turned out to be more of our shots was the simple and convenient mode of attending the video conference main venue, which was not only simpler and more efficient to use, but also greatly cost controlled.

No geographical and time constraints are the basic characteristics of the Internet, and it is to see the great advantages of the network so that enterprises have also changed their way of working from the past rush to meet around to use video conferencing systems just sit in their own office, From the past every detail needs to send people to travel to solve the problem to now only need to use video mode directly face to face to solve the problem, we have a radical change in the way of working. We do not need to travel business meetings, but also no need to rush back to the company to attend an emergency meeting on the road to business, but just quiet mining login video conferencing system, whether you use mobile phones, tablet or computer, television Login, you can attend the meeting, and the effect is exactly the same in the venue.