Compared with the traditional video conferencing systems, video conferencing in the cloud to simplify the construction and operation of the process, but also make video conferencing with obvious personal characteristics. This is the application of market demand, the needs of the industry change and the demand for sustainable development results together.

In fact, as the videoconferencing industry has begun to transform itself into a service-oriented business, providing customized solutions has become a killer for manufacturers. Moreover, the continuous deepening of video conferencing applications has also made the industry’s users increasingly specialized. Cloud video conferencing, no special network, support for virtualization support, through any device, any network can achieve long-distance communication, while improving the efficiency of video conferencing, but also more convenient for the user existing solutions for video conferencing integration, It can be said that in the promotion process of cloud video conferencing, customized solutions have become the basic appeal, rather than purely business marketing selling point. This is the inevitable change in the industry.

Cloud video conferencing is based on cloud computing as the core, service providers to build cloud computing center, enterprises through the purchase of cloud service model, to achieve multi-video communication. This means that the core of the technical level, the market cloud video conferencing products are roughly the same, if you want to achieve differentiated development of enterprises and maximize customer satisfaction to meet their needs, reflect their own professional attributes, it is necessary in the basic Targeted innovation architecture, the so-called customized solutions provided. This is the inevitable development of enterprise differentiation.

The advent of the era of mobile Internet has led to the rapid diversification of terminals in video conferencing, including smartphones (Android and Apple), tablet PCs, notebook computers, large screen display devices, etc. Meanwhile, the application range has been continuously broadened to make video conference applications The scope is also more and more broad, including remote conferencing, distance education, telemedicine, remote recruitment, remote court trial, etc., combined with different industry users focus is not the same, thus providing more room for video conferencing solutions innovation. This is the inevitable application of diversified market demand.

From the rise of the concept in 2010 to the application of the ground in 2014, after nearly four years of development, cloud video conferencing has carried out sufficient concepts and technical reserves. With 2015 as a node, cloud video conferencing is likely to usher in applications In the peak period, in order to gain more initiative in the market competition, the enterprise is bound to “customize” to the end in order to achieve the dual enhancement of service ability and innovation ability.

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