China’s e-commerce transactions reached 4.5 trillion yuan, online shopping transactions reached 513.1 billion yuan, up 22% and 103% respectively over 2009. It is expected that the transaction volume of e-commerce in China will reach 18 trillion yuan in 2015 and the online shopping is expected to reach 3 trillion yuan. However, the development of e-commerce has also encountered the urgent need to address the seven major issues. ezTalks video conferencing systems help companies face five major bottlenecks, one by one breakthrough, strong worry-free. ezTalks video conferencing system is currently the leader in the domestic video conferencing industry, has taken over the security of the Beijing Olympic Games, including more than 100 items of video conferencing services. Technology has reached the international advanced level. As the most efficient and versatile communication system at present. ezTalks video conferencing systems in business innovation communication mechanism to improve office efficiency, cost savings have outstanding performance. Is the enterprise to change the status quo, breaking the bottleneck of an important technical force.

E-commerce bottlenecks First, we must clear the concept of e-commerce, e-commerce, including information sharing within the economic organization, economic information between organizations and transactions of goods, online transactions, that is not only including B2B, B2C, including the internal electronics Management. E-commerce does not emphasize the establishment of e-commerce websites for every economic organization. The current situation has shown the trend of over-building websites, duplicating construction and building convergence. ezTalks video conferencing system using a new generation of SaaS mode, the use of the mode of video conferencing systems, with low input costs, easy deployment, simple operation but excellent results and many other advantages. Does not require hardware construction, and full-time technical staff for the post-maintenance, to single hotel effective cost control, more conducive to deployment at any time, at any time, ezTalks video conferencing support for large-scale video conferencing and other sizes of video conferencing. In a complex network environment, to support a large number of multiple access points to participate in video conferencing room. To provide rapid communication, consultation and cooperation for all kinds of enterprises to provide technical support to ensure that the office of electronic, fast and efficient.

E-commerce bottleneck Second, we must clear the stage of e-commerce. From the perspective of the life cycle of e-commerce, e-commerce in our country has entered a “period of growth” from the “introduction period” and is now changing to a “period of development.” Therefore, the basic point of China’s current e-commerce policy is still based on “nurturing”. Entrepreneurship is still good and there are many opportunities. ezTalks video conferencing system in accelerating the communication time. Save travel expenses, reduce the cost of cooperation between enterprises. For start-up e-commerce companies to achieve low input, high return effect.

E-commerce bottlenecks Third, to allow the existence and innovation of a variety of modes of e-commerce. E-commerce models are diverse, not just one or several models, but multiple models. Specific performance for the B2B, B2C, B2F, B2B2C, G2B, G2C and other e-commerce models. In addition there are online wholesale, online restaurants, online securities, online insurance and other types.

E-commerce bottlenecks Fourth, to speed up the integration of Internet technology and business, rather than simply combined. The emphasis on light business or heavy business technology is all about the role of “simple combination theory” and how to truly integrate the two. This is a key issue that we must seriously address. In today’s mature e-commerce technology, we should pay more attention to business process reengineering, and promote the full range of e-commerce, multi-field application and development. ezTalks video conferencing system has rich and powerful data capabilities. Can support PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other OFFICE documents and pdf, Visio, AutoCAD, txt documents, pictures and other forms of documents, and support for more than 500 pages of large documents. Can greatly improve the multimedia convergence between various departments of the photovoltaic enterprise. Able to provide comprehensive technical support for multimedia e-commerce. At the same time, also have a strong video recording capabilities, mode of speaking, can help enterprises greatly reduce training costs, improve staff quality, to broaden their business areas and improve the ability of innovation reserve talent.
E-commerce bottlenecks Fifth, the current standard E-commerce focuses on product quality, the full name of the transaction online, some consumers can not master to a sense of security, but also for a small part of unscrupulous traders upset the market order and sales of fake and shoddy goods provides a space. Use ezTalks video conferencing system as customer service software, or after-sales playback system. Enable consumers and co-workers to experience the high price of high-end high-quality services. Strengthen the sense of trust and inject human touch into e-commerce.