Robert S. Kaplan, a professor of management at Harvard Business School, recently came up with a business case that has drawn widespread attention: the CEO of a mid-sized manufacturer feels overwhelmed by his work, Increasingly displeased with the major competitors. The CEO said he had taken on more than 20 personnel reviews since he took office, and still holds the position of sales manager of the company. At the same time, he also assumes the responsibilities of management assistants and all administrative staff. Currently, the number of officers managed Up to 300 people. He felt handy at doing these things, but he also felt strongly that he needed to invest enough time into corporate strategy and competitive analysis. The two major rivals merged, and his subordinates have been urging him to focus on that area, but he has always had time to spare. Lack of time, or a lot of time spent on the growth of the company has nothing to do with business performance, is plagued many SME managers. ezTalks video conferencing system in this area, has played a prominent role, and provides a lot of space to help businesses enhance.
Why urgency is always ignored
In many cases, Professor Kaplan believes that struggling with leaders is the disconnect between time allocation and the business’s most pressing issues. Why is it hard for leaders to realize in time? there are many reasons. First, in chaotic work environments where daily affairs and emergency situations are interwoven, it is often difficult for leaders to keep track of their actual time usage. Second, many leaders are not clear about their top three to five priorities. They may be aware of the failure to make effective use of their time, but often do not know how to spend their time wisely. In addition, for many reasons, many managers often find it difficult to refuse when others ask for their own time. So, on how to dominate their own time, they are always pushed by others and the event or pulled into a situation where there is not much choice.

Begin to prepare for changing dilemmas
How managers find time allocation problems? Kaplan introduced a simple and effective time management method, which he himself had used and recommended to numerous professionals. This is done by selecting a two-week period with a table of what you do every hour, then breaking it down and putting it into every day-to-day job activity category, such as strategic planning, customer contact , Sales and marketing activities, interaction between investors and board members, media interaction, supervision of direct reports, competition analysis, recruitment, innovation (product, process or otherwise), communication with employees / Interaction, budget, cost approval, including approval of travel and other expenses report, own schedule, other administrative matters.
On the other hand, ezTalks video conferencing system with superior mobility, high network adaptability, strong audio and video exchange and data transmission and sharing functions are the innovation of enterprise management mode, standardized management of SMEs, improve efficiency, and achieve office technology The main force. Is to improve time management technology tool.
At present, ezTalks videoconferencing system as a leader in the domestic video conferencing industry, for the Beijing Olympic Games, including security centers, including more than 100 government agencies, enterprises and institutions to provide video conferencing services. Technology has reached the international advanced level, 7X24 hours full-time technical services, tailor-made solutions for enterprises such as the unique service by our customers alike.
Learn the system, efficient control of the time
How managers control their own time, in fact, is to convey to people what you value. Strategic planning, customer contact, sales and marketing activities, investor and board member interaction, media interaction, direct reporting, competition analysis, hiring, innovation (product, process or other), and Exchange / interaction among staff, budget, cost approval, including approval of travel and other expenses reports, own schedule, and other administrative matters.
The center of CEO as the number one manager of the organization should obviously be placed in strategic planning, interaction between investors and board members, and regulation of direct reports (middle and top management). ezTalks video conferencing system to support the number of multiple access points to participate in video conferencing at the same time large and medium-sized video conference room. The access point can be flexibly chosen by the enterprise according to the actual situation. At the same time, enable industry-leading multi-channel mixing technology that supports up to dozens of simultaneous audio mixing. Combined with leading audio pre-and-post processing techniques, including noise suppression, automatic gain and echo cancellation. To ensure the quality of video conferencing. Can guarantee the CEO with the shortest preparation time, the most timely response time, the most scientific scheduling time to complete the center work, and will not waste time on the road, meeting time balance, convened.
The direct heads of the relevant departments focus their work on specialized areas such as customer contact, sales and marketing activities, media interaction, recruitment, innovation (product, process or other). ezTalks video conferencing system uses the SIP protocol compatible with H.323 protocol, with better scalability and security, proprietary audio and video QOS technology to provide smooth and clear sound in the network under poor conditions, video communications provide multiple Protection, to a large extent, to solve the many network participants, network quality defects. To adapt to complex and diverse network environment, real-time communication of high quality and high standards, improve work efficiency, on the one hand for the business in a variety of business communication and contact savings in travel expenses, on the other hand save time, all kinds of work can Reasonable grasp of time, calmly face. At the same time, ezTalks video conferencing system powerful data capabilities, support for PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other OFFICE documents and PDF, Visio, AutoCAD, txt documents, pictures and other forms of documents and support for more than 500 pages of large documents , Efficient real-time screen sharing technology, support MIS system, GIS mapping software, CorelDraw graphic design software, web pages and other programs to share, to meet the needs of almost all types of work data communication. To some extent, the company provides a fast lane for data distribution and transmission and saves a lot of time in the middle of the chain, which greatly improves the actual efficiency of the enterprise.
With the exchange / interaction between staff also can not be ignored, ezTalks video conference powerful conference recording capabilities: support for two recording methods: one is video recording, you can use ordinary player playback; the other is the venue recording, recording content Including video, audio, data, text, etc., the system comes with the player to play, on the one hand to ensure the integrity of meeting records, which will help save the company’s original file. On the other hand, it is possible to hold staff training with high efficiency, low cost and no waste. So that employees in the enterprise can get a good system of vocational and technical training to accelerate the growth of employees at the same time enhance employee loyalty, so that employees and the company a rapid growth.
Dynamic, normalized scientific allocation of time
Finally, Professor Kaplan mentions that people often get into trouble or encounter new opportunities due to environmental changes. As a business leader, if you want to survive and thrive, you must re-evaluate your own time and change it in a timely manner. Accurate recognition of mission-critical roles for different roles, coupled with scientific, modern software and systems such as the ezTalks video conferencing system. The time management as a dynamic, normalized business development plan to persevere. Very important for the business.