In reality, every company faces a high daily telephone bill. Mobile communications have become a heavy burden on business leaders. In the face of the high cost of communication, communication fees have become a heartbeat for business executives. When the video conference appeared, the situation had different improvements. The first choice ezTalks video conferencing companies truly ezTalks real depth of experience to them is: high efficiency, low consumption, convenient and practical really help companies do a good job of a good product.

At present, in addition to the low cost of ezTalks video conferencing and full-featured ezTalks video conferencing (including fax, cell phones and other types of communications with only one call) and the Internet (including QQ, MSN and other video communications with the network function) All have shortcomings:

First, telephony not only poses a heavy burden on corporate communications costs. As telephony can only fall into the language description above, resulting in a lot of work caused by the lack of communication above the branch, but also resulted in a waste of resources.

Second, QQ, MSN can not meet the multi-person or large-scale video communication and chatting business, and remote collaboration capabilities, to the business in the communication has brought great inconvenience, in addition to the existence of information transmission security .

On the above two points compared to the discussion, ezTalks video conferencing software fully demonstrated its advantages are as follows:
ezTalks conference room introduces the product concept of “Shuangliuheyi” and integrates media such as audio, video and data, which can be adapted to different networks such as green line, internet, LAN, wireless network and satellite network, conferences of different sizes Room to meet the various needs of customers; to meet the needs arising in the actual meeting. Meet the multi-point meeting room real mutual video, 116 frequency display at the same time display, online meeting, talk about the authority of the effective controllable rights management strategy, participants apply online to speak, conference room Marquee function, conference recording and playback process , PPT and multimedia online presentations. To meet the enterprises to provide remote training, remote collaboration, video conferencing, online classrooms and other remote services, widely used in financial services, logistics chain / large-scale franchise chain, many branches around the business, retail, high-tech industry , Software industry, manufacturing industry, training industry, consulting and management consultants and other industries. In information security performance. ezTalks video conferencing system uses a bank encryption technology 128-bit data encryption, better ensure the safe transfer of information. In the economy, travel, conference, communication, management, decision-making, information delivery, security, compatibility and many other aspects of the enterprise to bring great benefits.