While the impetus for technology has been weakened, we also see the strong application of rich applications to market demand. Enterprises should adapt to this change. In the strategic planning of enterprises to consider two changes: On the one hand, the video conferencing industry should see the prevailing BYOD prevailing changes, comply with these changes to meet people’s growing individual needs, to ensure that employees of the new era anytime, anywhere communication; the other On the one hand, with the continuous promotion of global economic integration, people are more and more mobile, and the demand for cross-regional communication is also getting stronger and stronger.

Advantages and Problems of Cloud Video Conferencing

The basic idea of ​​cloud computing is to provide users with the computing power, storage space, software functions and information services required by the network so as to simplify the user terminal into a simple input and output device and enjoy the powerful calculation of “cloud” on demand Processing capacity. Cloud conference product design, product architecture, technology research and development, server architecture based on this concept, making the cloud conference on the client’s device requirements are very low, very easy to use reasons. Compared with the traditional video conferencing system, cloud video conferencing has the following advantages: reduce costs, multi-terminal, cross-platform support, support for external meetings and conferences, to avoid interoperability issues. The problems facing cloud video conferencing include security (network security, application security, management security), stability, network quality and so on.
Video conference application innovation direction

Video conferencing terminals are diversified, including smartphones, tablets, car terminals, laptops, large-screen display devices, etc., which are the basis for mobile video conferencing and extended applications. The development of mobile terminals Leveraging the spring breeze of the mobile Internet, the future car networking will further expand the range of mobile applications. For example, V-Cube’s video communication system provides Cadillac with on-board mobile video conferencing capabilities. In a fully connected world, the conference tools are bound to be people-centered and converge with other types of communication tools. However, there are also different directions in practice. ICT giant Huawei put forward the concept of gradual communication and put video conferencing on the basis of meeting communication needs The deployment of a certain part of the link to achieve unified communications and collaboration; and cloud leader of the full-time business community is being built all-time business community “Cloud Enterprise”, and strive to break the organizational structure of enterprises, to make people-centered communication, respected freedom, equality, collaboration . In addition to the cloud and mobile, HUAWEI MAXPRESENCE, which impressed people in 2014, brought new ideas to the industry in application innovation in the big-screen conference room. Some well-known video conferencing applications such as teleconferencing, Distance education, telemedicine, remote recruitment, remote court proceedings and more.

Cloud and mobile remodeling market competition

Video conferencing service means that the new pattern of the arrival of the traditional video conferencing manufacturers weakened the influence of all businesses back to the starting line. In addition, Internet companies, security companies, IT companies and operators have joined the market, more intense competition. Internet companies have an active mindset, advanced business models, strong service awareness and user experience. Security companies have a profound accumulation in the government affairs market, especially in the functional integration of command and scheduling and conferencing. And mobile Internet infrastructure; operators have the advantage of network resources. Who can bring more innovation in the application, who will be able to dominate the market competition.