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How to choose the remote video conferencing system?

How to choose the remote video conferencing system? More and more enterprises in the rapid development of today, more and more enterprises choose to use remote video conferencing system equipment to improve efficiency and reduce business communication costs, the face of a large number of products on the market how to choose

Company multi-functional conference system program

Multi-functional conference system is an integration of the conference system, it combines a variety of conference systems, such as: video conferencing systems, teleconferencing systems, digital conferencing systems, intelligent conferencing systems and other combinations. Multi-functional conference system It is often applied to some large-scale conference occasions, such occasions often need a complete function,
Video Conference

What video conferencing software is good?

What video conferencing software is good? What video conferencing software is good? Facing the market can not be eight video conferencing software, there are charges, there are no charges, the difference is missing, then what software for their own? Mainly look at some of their actual needs. 1, select free video conferencing

ezTalks – make business meetings easier

We have a fear of the meeting, this is not how serious the meeting or not finished the company’s work, but the company to open a large-scale meetings need to delay their own too much time, ahead of the road, road traffic jam, waiting Meetings and so make people really helpless, whether

Video conferencing terminal

Video terminal is an indispensable part of all video conferencing equipment, it is both the output part and the intake part, bear the entire conference audio and video acquisition and output, is the quality of the meeting the key factors, so the terminal is the enterprise choice Important parts, depending on the

Multi – party video conferencing

Multi-party video conference generally refers to the number of participants than the three parties, in general, multi-party conference has the following characteristics: 1, the number of participants, for the network and video conferencing server function requirements are relatively high. 2, the participants terminal equipment is not the same, it is difficult to

Computer video conferencing

Computer video conferencing is the use of computer terminals for video conferencing, because the use of simple and convenient, no special configuration, as many employees choose to participate in the main video conferencing. Computer video conferencing for the computer’s request is not high, it can be said that no special requirements, for

Cloud technology reduces the cost of using video conferencing

Cloud technology reduces the cost of using video conferencing The development of cloud computing technology has changed the rules of Internet use, reducing the cost of the use of Internet resources, but also for the development and application of enterprises gave birth to a new direction, the emergence of the cloud content

Internet + video conferencing information take off the wings

With the “Internet +”, the rapid advance of cloud computing technology, the drawbacks of traditional video conferencing more and more obvious, video conferencing can only be carried out within the enterprise, external communication between the existence of a huge obstacle, and the exchange between the outside And communication and occupy an important

ezTalks video conferencing as a light of remote health

ezTalks video conferencing as a light of remote health Medical problems are the most concerned about the problem, the quality of medical treatment is also uneven affect the doctor is difficult to see you one of the important factors, how to break the uneven distribution of medical resources, medical care to share