Screen sharing

The best tools to share your screen online

The benefits of Internet sharing with someone are countless: to provide some technical help, to do a joint work, to proceed with an explanation … In this way, several people can be watching the same process at a time and even accompanying it with annotations . The technical complexity of such a
Screen sharing

Share the PC Screen Best Free Apps

Screen Sharing means, in Italian, screen sharing and is the technology that allows you to see or use a remote computer, from another pc or cellphone or smartphone. This list lists some online programs or services that allow Internet-based best free screen sharing, other than the remote desktop program included in Windows,
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15 videoconferencing and screen sharing services

Many videoconferencing and online screen sharing tools offer an interesting alternative to Skype, to facilitate working with remote collaborators. Delivered in SaaS and therefore accessible simply via a web browser, they cover many communication needs, for small businesses and SMEs. Presentation of 15 free or paid tools to improve communication in the
Screen sharing

9 tools to share desktops remotely

In this digital age, for many, the Internet has become a center of work. Precisely, and the complexities that employees can find to communicate with their bosses when doing a job from their computers, have emerged tools that allow a communication between people as if they were in one place. Here we
Screen sharing

7 Digital Tools to Share Your Screen

7 Digital Tools to Share Your Screen One of the advantages that the Internet offers is the ability to communicate to people in a simple and instant way and screen sharing is another very useful example. The next time you have to do a homework assignment or explain something to a classmate,
Screen sharing

Analysis of Future Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing Technology

Analysis of Future Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing Technology Video conferencing has become a pan-era, video conferencing is not a large enterprise and government agencies have, small and medium enterprises and general education and training are open video conferencing mode. Video conference since the development of information technology mature and rapid development,
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