Telehealth Telemedicine

Telehealth vs. Telemedicine vs. Telecare

Nowadays, there are many new medical terms that the average patient might not understand. For instance, there’s common misunderstanding from the terms telecare, telemedicine and telehealth. Many people rely on them interchangeably. However, all these words refers to a new approach to supplying healthcare through interactive video technology. To obvious in the

What is Telecare

As technology advances, the same is true normal practices. Telecare is simply a revolution of methods doctors taking proper care of their sufferers in society. You may be wondering “what’s telecare”, well, it’s essentially an exchange of information remotely from a physician along with a patient, specifically for individuals who are suffering

Videoconferencing and Health System the future is digital

ICT and Telemedicine Compulsory Roads to Combine Saving and Efficiency. Results of the latest research. The most important health care for the healthcare system is digitization. The experts’ verdict is unanimous, as the goal is clear: to affirm a new healthcare model that can not only treat the most serious patients hospitalized
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