ezTalks integrated video conferencing

ezTalks integrated video conferencing ezTalks new integrated conference terminal, completely ridiculed the cumbersome features of the hardware video conferencing, will use the complex, expensive, closed, cumbersome for these hardware video conferencing labels all torn off. The use of integrated compact design, beautiful appearance, small and lightweight, the size of the phone as

The trend of personalized video conferencing

The development of video conferencing has promoted the development of the industry, and the video conferencing market has also been diversified by the promotion of the industry. Video conferencing industry for the user to bring a lot of practical benefits, with the development of video conferencing users more choice, better service, personalized

ezTalks: video conferencing in the sub-industry will play a great value

ezTalks: video conferencing in the sub-industry will play a great value In the video conferencing industry, the application of refinement has become another breakthrough in the technical bottleneck after the innovation model, with the video conference in the education and training industry mature application, distance education has become an important model. At
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ezTalks: What are the advantages of video conferencing systems over traditional communications?

[Video conference] as an important means of modern multimedia communications, video system will be set to audio, video, pictures, documents and other multiple features and integration, with traditional communication can not match the multi-party advantage. The purpose of enterprise applications is also gradually from the pursuit of fashion on the conference room
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The significance of video conferencing for the enterprise

The significance of video conferencing for the enterprise Internet era, changed a lot of rules, the original subsidiaries around the world, the country’s enterprises are no longer subject to geographical restrictions, communication has become very convenient and efficient. All this has benefited from the rapid development of the Internet, but also gave
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What are video conferencing devices?

What is a video conferencing system? Video conferencing system: video conferencing hardware and software are two, software video conferencing equipment configuration is very simple, only need a network, headset, camera, computer can, and hardware video conferencing equipment configuration requires video conferencing host MCU, video conferencing terminal, Camera, remote control, omni-directional microphone, network,
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Depth analysis of high – definition video conferencing systems in the future development of enterprises in the application of the scene

After years of vigorous development, the Internet has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, our lives, work, leisure, entertainment are inseparable from the Internet, the Internet allows us to narrow the distance between each other, especially in the work above, the future office Is the diversity of space, you can at