V2tech Company Overview

V2tech Company Overview World’s leading provider of multimedia communication technology Expert in NGN Multimedia Communication Solutions World’s leading provider in corporate communication products and application solutions One of the world’s

Introducing Telehealth Of Zoom

Introducing Telehealth Of Zoom Today Zoom announced that we have developed the industry’s first scalable, cloud-based video telehealth service, Zoom for Telehealth, featuring an integration with electronic health record system
Video Conferencing News

Cisco makes video conferencing technology invisible

Cisco makes video conferencing technology invisible Last month Cisco announced two new room video systems called the Spark Room Kit and Spark Room Kit Plus. Behind these dull names are some impressive technologies never before seen in videoconferencing. The room kits are nearly complete videoconferencing systems, but they don’t include the displays.
Video Conferencing News

Unified communications is a marketing Camelot

A while back I wrote my feelings about the term unified communications. My point in different words is that unification regarding enterprise communications technologies is a type of marketing Camelot. Paraphrasing The New Arthurian Encyclopedia, like the legendary city, an imaginary enterprise communications environment is said to exist with some “impressive architecture
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